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Wikipedia.com describes the Sanborn maps as follows:
Sanborn Maps is an American publisher of historical and current maps of US cities and towns. The maps were initially created to estimate fire insurance risks. The company's maps are frequently used for historical research, and for preservation and restoration efforts.

The Chaska History Center has the Sanborn Insurance maps for Chaska from the late 1800's to the early 1900's
show a drawing of each block in the city. Included within the block are
placement of houses, garages and other buildings including outhouses and barns.
They also show business.

These maps are very large at 3 feet by 3 feet and are kept rolled in tubes which can be hard to work with.

To solve this issue the Chaska History Center undertook project to digitize the Sanborn
maps and any other maps in our collection.
If you wish to take a look at the actual maps, please stop by for a visit.

Below is a listing of the maps in our collection:
or you can download a listing in PDF format

Warning: if you download the maps - some of them are very large files




 Map of Carver County with a list of property owners and occupations

 Downtown only. 1st - 4th / Cedar/Pine/Chestnut + Iltis Brewery

 Downtown only. 1/2 Chestnut and 4-7th St + 1/2 Chestnut/Walnut and 1-4th St

 Block overview of downtown. 4-7th and Chestnut/Walnut/Oak

 1st-4th St and Chestnut/Walnut/Oak

 4th-7th St and Chestnut/Pine/Cedar

 1st - 4th St and Chestnut/Pine/Cedar

Pierson's Lake and Reidle Property

 Chaska + Fullers Addition - shows lots only - dated Oct 30, 1897

 Index and Key. Block overview of downtown. 1st - 3rd St and Hickory/Elm + Creamery of Hickory + Faber Brick Yard + Klein Brick Yard

 1st - 4th St and Chestnut/Pine/Cedar

 1st - 4th St and Walnut/Oak

 3rd - 7th St and Chestnut/Walnut/Oak + Greiner & Corning's Brick Yard

 4th - 7th St and Chestnut/Pine/Cedar + Peter Iltis Estate + Chaska Brewery

 Index + Key. Downtown Block overview. 1st - 3rd St and Hickory/Elm + Samels Bros Creamery + Chaska Canning Co

 1st - 4th and Chestnut/Pine/Cedar

 1st - 4th St and Chestnut/Walnut/Oak

 4th - 6th St and Chestnut/Walnut/Oak + Chaska Brewery

4th - 6th St and Chestnut/Pine.Cedar + Klein Brickyard
     NOTE: 1924 original maps are available to view at the History Center - not online

Index - Full downtown block map + American Beet Sugar Co

 3rd - 6th St and Pine/Chestnut/Walnut/Oak

 Levee - 3rd St and Pine/Chestnut/Walnut/Oak

 3rd - 6th and Elm/Cedar/Pine + corner of Hickory showing Samels Bros Canning

 Levee - 3rd St and Hickory/Elm/Cedar/Pine

 3rd-6th St and Oak/Ash/Maple/Beech

 2nd-3rd St and Oak/Ash/Maple/Beech

 Chestnut/Walnut north of 6th St (Old 212) + Chaska Brick and Tile + Klein Brick Yead +1st and Hickory
 Geological Survey

 US Dept of Interier Geological Survey - Shakopee Quadrangle in color. Shows Chaska and Shakopee

 Annexation Timetable for City of Chaska

 City of Chaska Street Map

Downtown map showing blocks and lots

 National Wetland Inventory - City of Chaska

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