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Cemetery Stories

Wandering through Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, it’s hard not to wonder about those who are buried here. Every dearly departed has a story and so many of them are from a time and culture vastly different from our own.  At the Chaska History Center, we chose five residents of Mt. Pleasant, researched them and wrote a narrative of their life.  The events are factual and historical, but the narratives are our words, doing our best to bring their thoughts to life.  


The site of Mt. Pleasant cemetery, referred to as "the old burying ground", apparently was a burial spot before the cemetery association was formed. The association was formed in 1863. It was acquired by the city in 1874.

Lucius Howe: Vermont brick maker

Nellie Baxter: Successful store owner     
line Noble Lee: Teacher

William Spoerner: WWII pilot 

Katherina Greiner: Hotel owner 

*coming soon

Lucius Howe

Vermont brick maker

Nellie Baxter

Successful business owner

Emeline Noble Lee


William Spoerner

WWII Pilot

Katherina Greiner

Hotel Owner

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