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Sanborn Maps are highly detailed city street maps created in the late 1800s and early 1900s for the purpose of helping fire insurance companies appropriately determine their total liability.  The Sanborn Company maps are frequently used for historical research on local buildings and properties.  The maps have the footprint of each building/structure on specific properties, providing a wonderful look at when particular buildings or parts of buildings were modified.  We have copies of these maps that cover “old Chaska,” the downtown area, available both at the center and online.  


The maps are 3' x 3' feet and stored in tubes.  The Chaska History Center digitized the Sanborn maps and other maps in the Chaska collection. 


If you wish to take a look at the actual maps, please stop by for a visit.

Maps in our collection: Map Directory (pdf)

Download the maps in tif format by selecting them from the table here.


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