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School yearbooks

Looking for a relative or friend? 


We have Chaska school yearbooks from 1948 to the present.  Stop into the Chaska History Center and page through our school yearbooks.

View yearbooks at the Chaska History Center 

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newspaper archives

The Chaska History Center has paper originals of local newspapers from 1862 to the present.  Headlines, local business news and fascinating social reporting are contained in this important collection.  These vintage papers are bound in books cataloged by year.


View newspapers at the Chaska History Center 

digital library

Much of our collection contains documents and photographs which have been scanned and indexed in our online library.  Our volunteers can assist you in accessing our digital library for your research.​ 

Online access available at the Chaska History Center 

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Sanborn Maps is an American publisher of historical and current maps of US cities and towns. The maps were initially created to estimate fire insurance risks. The company's maps are frequently used for historical research, and for preservation and restoration efforts.  The Chaska maps from the late 1800's to the early 1900's show a drawing of each block in the city: houses, garages, outhouses and barns.

Other maps are also available.

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Glatzel papers

Edward Glatzel was a lifelong Chaska resident who loved history. He compiled or wrote several documents that are in our archives. Some of them are available for download, others you will need to stop in to see.


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The Chaska History Center has genealogy books on many local families who have documented their history and donated their research to the History Center.  These papers are presented as their original authors created them - expressing many unique forms of genealogic representation.

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Additional Resources

The Chaska Historical Society collaborates with other organizations to gather history and tell the stories of our community.  

Carver County Historical Society

Carver County Historical Society Newspaper Resource Search

Scott County Historical Society

Minnesota Military Museum

Our Collections

Curating documents is just one of our activities at the Chaska History Center.  Our volunteers can assist you in accessing our digital library for your research.​  

Call (952) 448-6077 or stop into the Chaska History Center for assistance.



Brickmaking in Chaska

Permanent Exhibit

2019 - Chaska During WWI and WWII

Past Exhibits

2018 - 50 Years of the League of Women Voters and 90 Years of Chaska Cubs Baseball

2016 - Tying the Knot in Chaska

2015 - Looking through our Scrapbooks, The Chaska Historical Society Celebrates 35 Years

2014 - Vintage Toys

2010 - Uniforms on Parade

2008 - Two Faiths, 150 Years: the Moravian and Catholic Churches in Chaska

2007 - Immigrant/Native American Exhibit

Uniforms on Display - 2007

2005 - Sugar Factory