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Locomotive #471

Locomotive #471 was bought by the Klein brickyards in 1943 and perhaps, used for switching or for heating water near the kilns. When retired, #471 was parked behind Cuzzy's and forgotten for a number of years.


A few Chaska boys  were delighted to make it their giant play space - they climbed aboard and on top, imagining themselves the locomotive engineers, outrunning outlaws. 

Locomotive 471

Maintenance Guide for Historical Residences

Congratulations on your purchase of a Chaska Historic home! We hope you enjoy the part you play in preserving Chaska’s rich history for generations to come!

The Maintenance & Repair Guide for Designated Historic Residences in Chaska (PDF) is a guide to ensuring appropriate maintenance to your historic property. It is a joint project of the Chaska Historical Society and the city’s Heritage Preservation Commission (HPC).

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