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Locomotive #471

Locomotive #471 was bought by the Klein brickyards in 1943 and perhaps, used for switching or for heating water near the kilns. When retired, #471 was parked behind Cuzzy's and forgotten for a number of years.


A few Chaska boys  were delighted to make it their giant play space - they climbed aboard and on top, imagining themselves the locomotive engineers, outrunning outlaws. 

Clicking on the photograph links to Larry Meuwissen's recitation of his poem about his childhood experience with this train!

Locomotive 471

Maintenance Guide for Historical Residences

Congratulations on your purchase of a Chaska Historic home! We hope you enjoy the part you play in preserving Chaska’s rich history for generations to come!

The Maintenance & Repair Guide for Designated Historic Residences in Chaska (PDF) is a guide to ensuring appropriate maintenance to your historic property. It is a joint project of the Chaska Historical Society and the city’s Heritage Preservation Commission (HPC).

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