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Chaska Hisotry Center Building


The Chaska Historical Society will inspire an appreciation of Chaska’s diverse community today and in the future.


The Chaska Historical Society will stimulate community engagement in history by collecting, preserving, recording and sharing Chaska’s past and evolving history.

The Chaska Historical Society is an all volunteer organization that welcomes your involvement.


The Chaska Historical Society supports the city's values of:

  • Citizenship

  • Environmentalism

  • Generosity   

  • Human Worth and Dignity 

  • Integrity

  • Learning 

  • Respect 

  • Responsibility 

and believes in:

Educating Through Stories.  Members of the community recognize their part in the story of Chaska and will become more engaged in preserving its history.

Openness.  We are appreciative and supportive of new people, new ideas, and new traditions within the city.

Innovation.  We believe we need to embrace new and creative approaches in carrying out the society’s mission.

Members Meeting


The annual membership meeting is held each November.


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Lisa Oberski, President

A transplant to Chaska with deep Chaska roots, Lisa has been involved with the History Center since 2000.  Fond of gardening, crafting, educating and sharing history, Lisa became President in 2015. At the History Center she does a little bit of everything but thoroughly enjoys helping people discover their own history.

Julie Wiese, Vice President

A transplant to Chaska in 1979, Julie has been a special education teacher for secondary grade levels and an elementary teacher in the Chaska school district. Her passions at the History Center include research on historical buildings, oral interviews, tour leader and social media.

Doris Coghill, Treasurer

Doris was born and raised in three different houses along Walnut Street in downtown Chaska.  She spent her corporate career as an accountant, auditor, programmer and IT professional before starting her own web mail order business.  She is currently the Treasurer and resident "Geek" at the History Center.

Barb Van Eyll, Secretary

Barb moved to Chaska 45 years ago but was very familiar with Chaska growing up as her mother attended high school and her grandmother did her farm business in Chaska.  Barb inherited the interest in history and genealogy from her dad who researched his family background and instilled the importance of documenting the past for future generations.  Volunteering at the Chaska History Center has always been on her bucket list.

Sarah Carlson, Board Member

Sarah fell in love with Chaska when she began visiting her parents and brother and his family who settled in Chaska during the 70’s. Raised in the midwestern town of Valparaiso, Indiana, she grew up  appreciating the legacy of her German and Swedish grandparents and other  immigrants  who settled this area.

Steve Mueller, Board Member

Steve first visited Chaska in 1965 as a South Mpls. Roosevelt High School volunteer to help shovel mud out of flooded downtown Chaska homes after the Great Flood. He came back after finishing the U of M and marrying Susan in 1971, to live and raise their family in Jonathan in Chaska. His career as a Registered MN Architect, included 34 years of co-ownership of Jafvert Mueller Architects and 11 years with NELSON Worldwide. He has been part of the Chaska Heritage Preservation Commission for 10 years, and now as the CHS Representative, since 2018. Steve enjoys being part of the CHS Accessioning Team and was a major contributor to the recent Virtual "Why Chaska" Exhibit.

Jeanette McGillicuddy, Board Member

Jeanette moved back to Minnesota from New Hampshire in 1997 to change careers and then moved to Chaska in 1998. She spent her career in the military,(US Air Force) university education and corporate IT. Jeanette also serves on the Exhibits team working on the  WWI and WWII  exhibit and  the recent Why Chaska exhibit. She looks forward to continuing her work at the History Center in IT.

Jay Molnau, Board Member

Jay is a lifelong resident of Chaska.  The history of his home town is important to preserve and share.

Rick Engelhardt, Board Member

Rick has been volunteering at the Chaska History Center for several years now. He respects the dedication and passion all the volunteers have to preserve the history of Chaska for future generations.

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