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Volunteer Opportunities at the Chaska History Center

Easy Project #1

Several years ago we did a project where we scanned and digitized several years of Herald newspaper articles by Jim Faber. Once this was done we turned them into a book, which we sell here at the History Center. Recently, while doing research for another project we discovered a series of articles about Chaska history written in the early 1950s by Faber.

We would like to organize and print them, but we need to find out how many there are, and then scan and digitize them. This would need to be done at the History Center. The time involved will depend on how many articles are found, but the initial research could be done in one afternoon.

Photo Project #2

People often bring pictures into the History Center of people or places in Chaska. It is great if they allow us to keep the original picture, but sometimes they do not want the original to leave the family. In that case, we borrow the photo and scan it into our system before returning the original to the owner. Once we have that digital copy, we have a slightly different procedure for printing the photo, cataloging it, and entering it into our collection than if we have the actual, original photo. We also occasionally receive emailed photos or slides and negatives, which must go through this extended process as well.

We are looking for someone comfortable with computers to help with the printing and the digital transferring of these kinds of images into our database system. We currently have 100+ that need to be printed and data sheets written for each of them. This is an ongoing project that does need to be done at the History Center, but can be done in short time segments.

If you are interested in helping us with either one of these projects, please contact Dorie at the History Center by emailing her at or leaving a message at 952.448.6077.

Undecided But Willing?

If you want to help but do not feel comfortable doing computer type work, we always have a list of “things to do” that we never seem to get to finish. Check out the volunteer page on our web site -

Thank you for your interest in Chaska history!

By Neil Wingert for the Chaska Historical Society


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