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Volunteer Spotlight - Sarah Carlson

Sarah Carlson is one of the more recent volunteers to give their time and enthusiasm to creating exhibits, organizing resources and preserving the history of Chaska. In the photo on the left, during the 2019 opening of the World Wars exhibit, Sarah explained the process she and other volunteers used to create and show the displays, posters and memorabilia received from Chaska residents. The center photo shows Sarah's first exhibit in 2018, highlighting the anniversary of the League of Women Voters of Eastern Carver County. When Sarah's friend Lisa Oberski asked if she would help, Sarah became one of almost 40 volunteers.

Sarah’s brother, Dr. Hilmer Carlson, moved to Chaska in 1972, and her parents moved here to enjoy grandparent privileges. Sarah became a resident in 2002. Sarah’s parents were both 1st generation citizens (from Germany and Sweden), so she grew up with stories of immigrant families building productive lives in Illinois and Indiana. She learned about their hardships and reactions following disasters (the Chicago Fire) and social conditions (the Great Depression). From conversations and personal stories heard during reunions and visits, she gained an appreciation of the need to know family and community history. Sarah is part of the team developing the 2020 display that will present answers to the question facing all those who have lived here – “Why Chaska?”

"As a member of the Board of Directors, Sarah makes exceptional, insightful contributions. Her work on displays is respected and valued. She has much to offer us, and we are lucky to have her. Thank you, Sarah!" -- Lisa Oberski, President

By Neil Wingert for the Chaska Historical Society


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